Thursday, September 19, 2013

Office Documents don't open! Help!

In, just business as usual, you show up to work in the morning, turn on your PC, and get working.  Except, when you go to click on that Excel spreadsheet you need to update, the computer presents an error message that it cannot open the file, and you notice the icons have changed to little orange squares.  What happened?

You have experienced one of Microsoft's first bad updates in quite some time!  KB2589275 was an Office update rollup that happened to break the file associations with Word and Excel documents, and a handful of others.  The Microsoft team has provided the problem, and the fix, very nicely in a blog post of their own, which you may read at:

Our CommonFocus customers are already benefiting from our patch management service, in that we have turned off deployment for this patch and rolled it back from the small number of machines which were already affected.  And if you are not currently a CommonFocus customer, but are interested in exploring becoming one, feel free to contact our very own Nick Stevenson at for a quote.