Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Internet Explorer 10

Good afternoon all,

As we welcome spring and, hopefully, see the remnants of our last snowstorm disappear from view, this week presents some interesting problems with the deployment of Internet Explorer 10.

Internet Explorer 10 was released last week by Microsoft through its usual channel of Windows Update.  It will be applied to Windows 7 computers, as Windows 8 already had Internet Explorer 10 and Vista is capped at version 9, XP is capped at version 8.  We have not released version 10 to our CommonFocus maintenance clients, but we will be doing so at a time when we have confirmation that the appropriate corporate and public websites are compliant with version 10.

If you have been diligent with your updates, or have them set to apply automatically, then you may have noticed a few small differences in your browsing experience.  Largely, IE10 looks and feels like IE9, so the change is an easy transition.  However, we are discovering some websites are having compatibility issues, which Internet Explorer is equipped to handle.

Should you find yourself looking at a web page that appears to not work, and it was working as recently as last week, then you should try flipping the page into Compatibility Mode.  In the address bar at top of the page, where you type in "www.pointsolve.com" you will see an icon that looks like a small page with a jagged break in the middle of it.  Clicking on that will reload the web page and turn the icon blue, which means Compatibility Mode is enabled for that site.

That will fix most site compatibility problems.  If the page you are trying to view is still giving you problems, do not hesitate to contact your IT company or the owner of the web page and they will be happy to assist you.